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Licence fees contribute to the cost of processing and assessing all applications.

Levies contribute to the cost of funding the other functions of the Authority and the full Tribunal costs.

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We aim to make a decision on a settlement visa in 60 working days.

If you have opted for our Settlement Priority Visa Service, your application will be put at the front of the queue and the decision expedited.

You can choose any of the 3 appointment centre locations in New Zealand for your appointment.

You should only attend these centres if you have booked an appointment online when making your application.

Read our Not-for-Profit Policy to find out if you are entitled to a fee waiver.

© Crown copyright 2017 This publication is licensed under the terms of the Open Government Licence v3.0 except where otherwise stated.If successful, your temporary visa will be valid for 30 days once you receive it and you will need to travel within this period.If you can’t travel during this 30 day window, you will need to apply for a vignette transfer.You can pay an additional fee to fast track your application and have your visa application placed at the front of the processing queue and expedited. Using the priority visa service is optional and does not imply or guarantee that a visa application will be successful.All visa applicants must meet the requirements of the UK Immigration Rules.Staff in these centres cannot help with advice or provide you with updates on a visa application.

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