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“She is completely smitten with him.” Earlier this month, it was announced that Debra, 43, and her producer husband of 10 years Daniel Zelman split earlier this year. Chase, 41, and his wife of two years, Broadway actress Stephanie Gibson, are getting a divorce.Chase has two daughters, Gracie and Daisy, from a previous marriage.But Chase may be more understanding of complicated situations than most.

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On Smash, Chase played her former flame turned clandestine affair.

In real life, however, Messing claims she had been separated from her husband since 2011 (but was still living with him despite being estranged), and wasn't publicly seen with Chase until 2012, so it wasn't quite as scandalous.

There’s something about live, when you don’t have a live audience, that, for me, defeats the purpose of who spent two seasons following the progress of a fictional musical about Marilyn Monroe has to wonder: What the hell happened to Debra Messing’s scarves?

Famously reviled by TV fans, the show cut down on the cozy accessory in season two, but sadly never made it to a third.

Do you have plans to come back to Broadway in the off-season?

I mean it would have to be a play because you know, when you’re starting a new musical or something like that, you’re signing like a year of your life away.Though she's no longer starring in Chase's life, the TV actress has a new NBC series to headline: "The Mysteries of Laura."Chase, a Tony Award nominee, has played Luke Wheeler on ABC's country-music drama "Nashville" since 2013. Messing was previously married to writer-producer Daniel Zelman, with whom she shares a son, Roman Walker Zelman, 10. Chase was married to actress Stephanie Gibson from 2009 to 2012. It's always juicy when two costars get together, but Chase and Messing seem pretty committed to making their relationship as normal as possible, even though Laura shoots in New York and Nashville shoots in… And though Messing is keeping her romantic entanglements pretty private, from what we do know of the two, they seem very happy together. The actress, 43, who announced exclusively to Us Weekly on Dec.Actress Debra Messing is dating Will Chase, her co-star in the NBC musical drama “Smash,” a report says.

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