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I hope I've caught all of these little discrepancies, but if you come across one I missed, please drop me a line so I can update this document.

The instructions outlined here will use the vernacular found in i Tunes version 12.x Before you begin, I want to emphasize that you must have a current backup of your Mac, or at the very least, a current backup of i Tunes.

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If you don't want i Tunes to be in charge, the process of moving your media folder will still work, but you may find that metadata items, such as playlists and ratings, will be wiped out.

I highly recommend letting i Tunes manage your media.

This guide will work for i Tunes version 7 and later, however, some names will differ slightly, depending on the version of i Tunes you're using.

For instance, in i Tunes 8 and earlier, the library folder where the media files are located is called i Tunes Music.

I have Mac OS X Lion 10.7.2, and after I made my last OS updates, i Tunes (10.5.2) freezes at the "updating library" step.

It has being doing that for two days now, and it is not working yet, even after restarting the computer. I pressed shift-option-command and clicked on i Tunes in the dock.

The Apple Software Update kept appearing on my computer to remind me to update i Tunes, Quick Time, and i Cloud.

I wanted to disable it, but I couldn’t figure out where or how it was running.

If you have been having problems with i Tunes since updating to OS X El Capitan you may not be alone. Start i Tunes in Safe Mode to troubleshoot this problem.

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