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Jack convinced Traci to donate Colleen's heart to save Victor's life. Jack soon started to become suspicious when "Emily" started acting strangely. Since Emily was allergic to cats, he would be able to determine if there would be a reaction, but there wasn't one.

Jack found her diary on April 30, 2010 and realized the truth. Jack went to Paul while Patty dyed her hair back to blonde, went to the psych ward, drugged Emily and put her in the morgue labeled Jane Doe. Jack went to the cell and realized that Patty wasn't Emily. Jack went to the morgue in time to save Emily from the coroner who was about to cut her open.

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Patty tried to kill herself so she wouldn't be locked up again, but Emily talked her out of it, before Emily collapsed in Jack's arms.

At the hospital, Emily told Jack she could never forgive him for not realizing he was married to an entirely different person for such a long time.

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In return, Jack would bring Tucker the Newman Enterprises' Beauty of Nature Cosmetics division on a platter.

He also started secretly helping Victor take down Adam and Skye Lockehart Newman's hedge fund.

In addition to all that, he secretly worked with Skye to get Adam's lawsuit against the Abbott family dropped.

Jack and Skye ended up sleeping together and Adam walked in on them. In November, 2010, at the GCAC, Jack told Diane he wanted to see Kyle.

In 2017, two unknown actors portrayed Jack in flashbacks as a child and teenager respectively. He is the current patriarch to the Abbott Family Jack lived in his childhood home, the Abbott Mansion, nearly his whole life. Patty became pregnant with his child, and then walked in on him and Diane having an affair, tripped and lost the baby.

Patty wanted to try again, but over heard Jack saying why he married her, and that he didn't want to be a father.

Jack started secretly helping his niece Abby Newman get access to her trust which her parents would not let her touch.

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