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This gentleman came of a family noted for courage and firmness.His father, Joseph Hedden, senior, who lived to be ninety-six years of age, was wont to speak with pride of the fact that he had eight sons in the service of the country during the long battle for freedom. By the proceedings of the State Council of Safety, we find that Mr.Meanwhile their colleagues conducted themselves similarly in Elizabeth, concluding their proceedings by applying the torch to the First Presbyterian Church of that place.

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Among the noteworthy occurrences of the period, those giving a fair insight into the times, the manners, and the character of the men and women of the Revolutionary period, are the following: The evening of January 25th, 1780, was marked in Newark and Elizabethtown by exhibitions of wanton cruelty and malevolence on the part of the British soldiers.

It was a bitter cold night, as may be judged from the fact that the North River was frozen solidly, so that a regiment of five hundred red-coats, under command of Major Lumm, crossed over on the ice from New York to Jersey City then called Paulus Hook-and marched out to Newark.

At all events they beat a hasty retreat from Newark.

As they left the town, they vented their malignity on one of the most prominent patriots of the place, Justice Joseph Hedden, Jr.

Some one told her that the British were carrying off her brother. Hedden was in her night-dress, which was stained with blood.

Over she ran, and entered the Hedden house by one door, as the soldiers were dragging her brother out by another. It appears the soldiers - whether from sheer brutality, or eagerness to get on the retreat, will never be known - essayed to drag Mr.Hedden was chosen "Commissioner for the County of Essex for signing and inventorying the Estates and Effects of persons gone over to the Enemy." He was chosen in place of Isaac Dodd, "who refuses to act." The position, as may readily be imagined, was one that demanded in its occupant absolute fearlessness and firmness. Hedden fulfilled his duties, that he was pointed out by the persons who had "gone over to the enemy," as a Newarker worthy of the bitterest persecution.On the night of the twenty-fifth he happened to be at home - a rather rare family treat for an active patriot at the particular period we write of.On the same night there crossed over on the ice from Staten Island to Elizabethtown a smaller company of the enemy's troops, sent on the same errand -plunder and persecution.After committing all sorts of depredations, the least of which were robberies of barns and private dwellings, Lumm's party set fire to the Academy, a fine two-story stone building located on the Upper Green, now Washington Park, close to Washington Place and Broad street.He was a firm friend to his country In the darkest times.

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