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And best of all, it is an activity you can share with children of today, teaching them manual dexterity, history, fashion and art while you have great fun together.

Once you begin collecting paper dolls, they can become one of life's great passions.

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Speaking to The Mirror at the time, she stated: 'People can be so ridiculous and unpleasant and cruel.'I don’t want to go into all that crap again but there was a lot of rivalry and jealousy from certain people who were trying to launch a show.

It was all very poisonous.'Our programme was very successful and there were a lot of very envious people who wanted to destabilise it.

For historians, paper dolls and their costumes provide a broad look at cultures around the world.

Film and theater buffs will enjoy the popular figures from opera, stage, screen and even television that have appeared as paper dolls-and many have.

If the collecting bug for paper dolls has not yet bitten you, it just may.

It can be an inexpensive pastime that requires little storage space, or it can grow into a hobby as extensive as collecting antique dolls.Having just emerged from the supermarket Tesco for a quick food run, Richard carried the plastic shopper in his hands as he engaged Judy in chatter.Proving to be casually clad, he donned a simple white tee and jeans and harboured all of his essentials in a trendy backpack.There is nothing quite like the feeling of digging in a box of assorted papers and suddenly finding in one's hand an exact replica of a childhood toy.The years slip away with lightning speed, and such a find awakens childhood with all its simplicities and joys.Mail Online has contacted representatives for Judy for further comment.

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