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Sex has never been a particularly pleasant experience for me. It was all so new, but even then I remembered being confronted with the reality of the internet's sway on people's attitudes and mores: "no blacks, no Asians, no fats, no fems." The inherent racism of gay male hookup culture masquerading as a "preference" akin to height or hair color is an issue I've struggled with since then -- and have grown weary discussing -- but it's incidental to my argument here. And I perpetuated the cycle of unreal expectations and ideals.

It's a fundamental part of being a gay man, of being a human being, but the "fun" part has always eluded me. Being online and having a world of men at your fingertips with a wall of anonymity between you and them makes us all awful people. Homosexuality is acknowledged narcissism and guys tend to seek out others like themselves.

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I broke myself down and I beat myself up and I compromised my values and what I believed in in order to satisfy my all-consuming sexual desire.

I recognized that this desire was just a desire to be less lonely, which explains why I would often get attached to someone so quickly and so easily.

someone else will.” Personally, I’ve never thought the act of sending someone a racy picture could harm a relationship.

It’s easy to say, “Ladies, never send a man nude pictures of yourself because you never know where they might end up.” It’s harder to say, “Ladies, if you don’t…

I got some attention, but not from the caliber of guys I felt I deserved. Some times, we'd meet and I'd face my rejection in-person.

My looks, as validated by the very men I was rejecting, gave me license to be more selective. Were we to meet in another, less sexually-charged way, things would probably be different.

I can't be white, I can't be the masculine ideal others want me to be, I can't live my life by rigid standards to which I never subscribed. Even the truth requires the proper lighting and the omission of certain facts. Guys that I would strike up a casual conversation with immediately became potential boyfriends.

My profiles -- with the proliferation of hookup apps and websites like Adam4Adam and Manhunt, I had about six profiles running concurrently -- featured my face along with the obligatory shirtless pics and a playful description of me. We would either meet and have sex and I'd never see him again or we'd casually text until one or both of us lost interest.

DO: Utilize text messaging services such as Snapchat to avoid enabling the person you send nudes to save them to their own storage devices.

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