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She’s one of the most beautifully competitive people I’ve ever met — it’s one of the things I love about her.So she got her license like a month or two before me, and I was like, Oh, my God, so we’re actually doing this? But three months later I had my motorcycle license. I remember watching the TV movie about Ryan White when I was a kid and not really understanding what it was.

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I said to my fiancé yesterday, “I feel like my purpose in life is gone.” Like I don’t know what to do with myself, because I’ve been caring for him for so long that I’m just at a complete loss. I love that you’re not just a philanthropic performer, but you also started a charity organization. Acting Outlaws really started because Tricia [Helfer] and I really have always kind of questioned what to do with the soapbox we’re given as actors.

She and I had wanted to kind of really marry our love of riding motorcycles with our sort of lifelong ethical [responsibility].

They both rode, and Tricia and I at that point kind of took it upon ourselves to challenge each other to both get our licenses.

And if anyone knows Tricia, you never make a bet with her, because she wins every time.

Yeah, we’ve had it said in so many ways, but none better than our lovely president [and founder of Kiehl’s] Chris Salgardo, who said that the great thing about motorcycles, at least the motorcycles we ride, is that they are so loud that you can’t help but pay attention to them.

And it’s such a powerful metaphor when you make so much noise on a motorcycle to raise awareness and keep the attention on an issue that still needs the attention.

(Most recently, she and ’s Tricia Helfer joined the fifth annual Kiehl’s Life Ride for amf AR, a 12-day, 1,500-mile odyssey from Wisconsin to New York City, helping to raise 0,000.) Now she’s ready to talk about her first HIV test, learning her friend was poz, what she has in common with Deputy Sheriff Victoria “Vic” Moretti (her character), and why the world would be better if a woman ran it. It’s been the weirdest thing because he was 18 and I’ve been caring for an elderly dog now for about five years. It’s funny that you said have a baby because now I’m sitting here calling my fiancé going, “I think we should have a baby.” Right?

It’s been a good portion of my life — the last few years — of caring for him and now that he’s gone.… Like that seems the best, you know, let’s fix one problem and just busy my life with a baby.

It’s a double-edged sword because you don’t want people to be afraid of this disease, but you want them to take precautions. If you are promiscuous and don’t use protection, I believe you should be tested as much as possible.

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