Kencan hot sexy

Smooth and strong at the same time, the tobacco here is so well balanced with the other ingredients and the performance is good. It feels like you just showered and still have slightly smell from the soap. This is my first review on so I thought what better place to start than with my first signature scent.

To sum up: for over 25 MAN only; is not sexy is just GOOD; ideal with a suit. I first wore this fragrance back in 1997 and I've been wearing it ever since. Despite the reformulation Dolce & Gabbana Pour Homme remains an outstanding fragrance and has rightly become a classic.

Kencan hot sexy-30

Got my bottle today, UK version Use it at the cold night here in tokyo i have no problem talking about projection and longevity it is a good blind buy for me.

Smells like a fine bar of soap fresh and clean easy to wear imagining that your getting out of the shower without rinsing your body soap OMG..

As I mentioned, the scent is so wonderful, great combination of citruses-lavender-tobacco and tonka.

The opening is a little bit boring (but very good) citruses with a hint of neroli, but the mid notes and the drydown is amazing. I grew up with the original Made in Italy version of D&G Pour Homme. I remember around 1999, a girl was giving me a haircut and asked what cologne I was wearing.

The opening is really good the sillage is ok you walk and you enjoy it other people really like that smell they get only the last is poor after 2-3 hours is almost gonne,it stays to skin but the projection is almost zero i think D&G shoult work on it.

For casual daily use not so formal age from 25 to 45.

15-20 minutes after the opening the perfume become a very pleasent, the lavender dominates with a hint of pepper, and later arrives a tobacco with the tonka bean. I'm writing this right after the first sip of my linden tea. I told her it was D&G and her only comment was, "Hmmm... strong." I think I had used two sprays earlier in the day.

And here is the reason why not good this scent in cold weather: the drydown is very similar to Davidoff Cool Water! Definitely has a distinct, early 90s manliness to it. When you are in your teens or 20s, you may want to announce your presence regardless of how little substance you bring to the table, and the original was definitely good at that.

If the perfume has stronger sillage and lasting power it will be perfect, but hell, I still love it! Once likely a solid daily scent, I think it's more for the evening and date night today. I just peeled a mandarin, and rolled a cigarette after that. Now, I am older and hopefully wiser, and grateful for the toned down nature of the Made in UK formulation.

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