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The water resisted this change in its own state of motion.

The water tended to "keep on doing what it was doing." The container was moved from rest to a high speed at the starting line; the water remained at rest and spilled onto the table.


The focus of Lesson 1 is Newton's first law of motion - sometimes referred to as the There are two clauses or parts to this statement - one that predicts the behavior of stationary objects and the other that predicts the behavior of moving objects.

The two parts are summarized in the following diagram.

The behavior of all objects can be described by saying that objects tend to "keep on doing what they're doing" (unless acted upon by an unbalanced force).

If at rest, they will continue in this same state of rest.

Consider some of your experiences in an automobile.

Have you ever observed the behavior of coffee in a coffee cup filled to the rim while starting a car from rest or while bringing a car to rest from a state of motion?

The water would have a tendency to spill from the container during specific locations on the track.

In general the water spilled when: The water spills whenever the state of motion of the container is changed.

This concept of a balanced versus and unbalanced force will be discussed in more detail later in Lesson 1.

Suppose that you filled a baking dish to the rim with water and walked around an oval track making an attempt to complete a lap in the least amount of time.

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