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We try to discuss the show's wild and stunning vision without burying the world in censor bars.― Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions!

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Il tranche avec les précédents Anime Mirai qui s'encrent majoritairement dans un contexte temporel actuel. Personnellement, j'aurai plutôt vu un long métrage pour Arve Rezzle.

L'histoire semble très intéressante, et on imagine plein d'intrigues annexes.

In a distant future, Remu Mikage discovers that his sister Shiki has her body in a state of preservation while her mind is free to communicate through the net thanks to NLN (neural-linked nanomachines).

When a worldwide incident where everyone in the world lost their consciousnesses for a brief period of time occurs, Remu travels to confirm the situation of his sister. Production Studio Cockpit Studio Elle Tatsunoko Production Studio Wombat ZEXCS The Winter 2018 anime season has begun, and we're reviewing ALL of this season's new anime as they air!

”, any anime fan or creator will likely point towards their digital compositing.

Ufotable productions blend 3D backgrounds, elaborate VFX and 2D animation to create exciting scenes that impress f...― The High School Dx D franchise has become the current standard-setter for harem series, especially action-oriented ones with supernatural elements, so the appearance of imitators in that sphere is hardly a surpri...

After earlier outlines of what's to come in preliminary versions of the Spring 2013 chart, a solid preview of the season has been formatted in the 1.0 release.

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Cependant, un jour, un phénomène d'ampleur mondial, par la suite appelé Un Anime Mirai raté mais qui a le mérite d'avoir tenté des choses. Et le sentiment d'arriver en plein milieu d'une histoire en cours est assez désagréable surtout quand on arrive à la fin et que rien n'est clos.

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