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Later that year, Kim Beom made his acting debut in the MBC drama series "The Daring Sisters" (Balchikhan Yeojadeul). " (Keochimeopsi Haikik), playing a character with the same name of "Kim Beom". " received positive response and regularly received ratings of 20% which helped bring attention to Kim Beom. You are a very refined actor, love you from the bottom of my heart you did excellent in every drama but in mrs cop 2 as lee ro joon you surpassed your standard i totalllllly loooovvved it. Kim Beom was good in "That Winter, The Wind Blows," but I like him best in rom-cons than as a tough guy. hope that its ok for you.........i will surely appreciate if you will accept me as one of your friends........

Kim Beom then made his feature film acting debut in the 2008 romantic-comedy "Hellcats" (Ddeugeoun geotsi joa) and followed that film only a few months later with the surprise horror hit "Death Bell" (Gosa). I saw him in Boys before flowers, but there they used him as a rich model, having a new suit in each scene. (You don't have to play a bad guy or have a scary serious role to be a great actor.) He is so handsome, cute and adorable with a great personality. Can't believe you worked on FOUR projects this year! be my friend? I'm not wishing you to marry me like others do, I'm not hoping that you will be mine like others do.

I like Lee Minho and his acting is great but not enough for me to be a fan (sorry, I am just being honest)..maybe it's just because I have different type to like which is Kim Beom oppa.. Enjoy your use of subtle visual cues as well as dramatic physical acting. I have never commented as a fan of any korean actor,though I also like Lee min ho a lot but boy,u are handsome and u also have this fresh and innocent look. She has given others nicknames too but his fits him the best. i love u heapzz..i love u more than u could ever imagine...

Kimi and Chen Qiao En have been a set of best friends since meeting while filming a drama, and she took his death as hard as his closest friends and family.

She later wrote that he was in a pink heaven and she will see him again one day, so the picture of the pink sky was her remembrance of Kimi.

It’s nice that she posts tributes for him and that he remains in the hearts and minds of those who loved him.

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With the drama's ever-increasing global acclaim, Padam Padam is sure to give Kim Beom a new nickname: the Flower Angel. Hope he'll get better roles I would so love to see him in more lead roles. It's still one of my favorites and I've seen tons since then! Once again I fall in love to him, I love his recent drama Mrs. I just wacted his movie titled "saikometeuri" or psycomethri aka the gift hands tonight anddd gosh its AWESOME. With 2 television dramas and two movies,on top of that,one of it was a chinese movie,he surely was such a very hardworking actor that year but he always do .. How i wish he make his comeback in MBC or KBS drama but yeah TVN just fineeeeee huhu I totally fall in Love with Korean movies. I'm sure you'll get nominated for That Winter The Wind Blows at the SBS drama awards, too! Even though you have 4 popular dramas so far, you deserve to be the leading actor for your next dramas.

am watching East of Eden and he was awesome as the young Dong chul, i wondered if he won an award, his acting was superb! Cop 2, even though his role as villiant but he sure make me pass out because of his smile. His acting was realy good, and its one of best korean thriller movie i ever watch, very recomended ! His last year's hiatus feels like forever to me though haha.. I like to watch and to feel those heart touching scenes so Badly. Kim Beom shii, I discovered you when I watched That Winter The Wind Blows. I'm learning how to speak Korean just in case one day... Everybody loves Tae do and your good acting skills. Kim beom- annyeong-haseyo,belated sang-il ch'u-ka-ham-ni-da,chal ji-ne? han-gu-gun dae-dan-han na-ra-im-ni-da,cho-nun han-gu-go-ga cho-a-yo and u are d best korean actor ever i lyk and admire,han-gu-go gong-bu shi-ja-k'an ji han da-ri dwoe-o-sso-yo so that if we meet smeday, i would lyk 2 speak wid u in fluent korean language,sa-rang-hae-yo! As Guksu your skills of facial expression,confused moments,nerve breakdowns and playful personality really showed the audients how you had worked hard to be a fine young Korean actor. You do a great job keep it up, i hope i can meet you some day. actually im learning :) kim bum....are my idol...i like you and kim so eun to had many movies..are the best loveteam...please make many movies with kim so eun.....i like you and kim so eun in boys over flower....are so cute and handsome.... Bum......i love DAT u go to church but I wish u knew God better and Jesus also because they love u a lot more than even me that always daydream of u........hyung....... A LOT of people love your portrayal of the endearing warrior Tae Do in Goddess of Fire!!! I hope GOF becomes a huge hit, and I hope you get nominated for various awards. I am sure you know that you are so smile is like candy,because it is so swite. My friends also agree that among Asian guys, no one is better looking than you. I really liked your character in "Boys over Flowers", and hope to see more of your acting skills in other shows/movies. have friends trying to teach me another tonal language but that laugh too much, and turn blue because they get no air to breathe from laughing.. I really like you but how come you don't have any girlfriend I wish if you could make up pair with Kim So-eun she is really cute. You looked really cute and cool in boys over flowers and still marry me. It would be so nice if one day, I travel to South korea and see you guys there. i think i fall in love with you, but i always relize that you just a dream for some sort of woman like me! Hey Kim, I love you very much especially in your movie Boys over girls. I actually like his acting a lot..along with his cute looks.... Ur smile is soooo cuteeeee.....get to know your creator I beg u ok weh!? ,.,., i do respect Moon Geun Young as an actress but i don't know why i don't like her for you, but if you love her i will be happy for you, bu well youre still young hihi., :') waaaaahhh huhuhuhu Beomie dear. Would really like to see you in a well written rom-com. After this drama, you should seriously become the main leading actor for future dramas. Another female fan said that you're like the "goddess of beauty" because you're the most handsome guy she has ever seen. when I see you unconscious I smile and I do not why. but non of you I mean actors never consider important to your you know it just annoy them and it is not important for you and the other actors. I wish you good health, success, and happiness for the present and upcoming years. You are a good actor, good singer, and I love your TV dramas! Hopefully, I can learn Korean language so that I don't have to depend on subtitles, but... and in last good luck for your career I wish you to have a beautiful future with lots of happiness. I love you very very love you you are agood actor I VERY MUCH love you you are so young i love you I hope to see you and speak with you you are my love good luck in all your life SARANIYEH sang bum Gotta say... u r most popular korean star in my country n my friends also love u a lot. In still marry me, you composed a few songs, right? everytime i see your face my heart beat so fast and it`s like many butterflies fly inside my body. Nd I also love his voice in the song I am going to find her.........though BOF is my first ever korean drama that i am seeing...i would love to see more of Korean Dramas in India.... I'm not a fan of serious dramas, so I haven't watched you on screen for a while. Every time I read all these nonesensse of all fans of any one( no difference between you ,na min woo,park si hoo, lee min hoo,jang hyuk and all other atcers ) I smile to all those who love you so and I think: God! You are such a good actor, and you deserve to win more awards. You look SO HOT and I love your martial arts skills. For some reason, her comment is not here anymore, but that's what she said. but it is ok and I am your fan because I love you and I can not do anything for you. You are a good actor and you should be the leading actor now that you've gained more experience, improved your acting skills, and matured into your mid-20s. I can't wait to see you in Goddess of Fire as Kim Tae Do! I wish you the best and I hope you continue to be successful for years to come. You are very handsome, breath taking, can't keep my eyes of how beautiful your smile and body's are. My daughter has given Kim Beom a perfect nickname for him..... "Boys Over Flower" was a phenomenon..spreads not only Kdrama, but helps introducing KPOP even more.if it is only Geum Jandi and Gu Junpyo's story, I won't continue watching it... Still love you ^_^ I am 55y/o who has become entranced with the quality of Korean film. I love you very much, Kim Beom I hope you will come to Malaysia, I am here waiting for you, I hope so my husband face and hair(in story"still marry me)the same as you,okey Kim Beomm......!!!!!!!!!!!! Your acting is in Padam Padam, Fly High. Kim "The Boom" Beom and that is only way she knows who we are talking about. It’s extra special because they are directly competing with each other for the exact same types of roles, yet they sincerely wish each other well and celebrate when any one of them land a great plum role.

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