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5 young people, a quiet doll maker in a wheelchair and her dedicated helper, a chained old man in the basement and a mysterious young girl in red... See full summary » A salt storehouse near the sea may be haunted.

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The pink shoes can be seen again in the park, and a girl with roller blades leans down to pick them up.

After her hand covers the camera, the credits roll normally.

See more » After Taesoo, who is covered in thick makeup and wears a black top and white tutu while dancing and looking at her reflection in the mirror, part of the beginning of the credits show.

However before they get past the second actor in the cast list, the screen shakes and the text turns red as if there is a technical problem, before it reverts to a scene of people walking in the park.

One in particular stood out because it is a carbon copy of something I've seen in at least two other films and seemed completely irrelevant to the story.

Obviously added in for mood, it was totally ineffective.That said, I still think this is a really nice looking film with strong performances and enough special touches that it's worth a watch.he year 2006 was a boom year in a number of different respects.There are pale faced girls with long black hair hanging in their face and cursed artifacts that bring misfortune to those that possess them.But there are enough unique touches paired with an intriguing performance by the lead actress that helps to elevate its status.Sun-Jae unexpectedly goes home in the middle of the day to find her husband banging some other woman.

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