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Lewis' care, Luke discovered a woman who bore a resemblance to a younger Laura, but he couldn't prove her existence. Lewis believed that Luke fabricated this woman named Summer to help him grieve for Laura, but he humored Luke by "helping" to look for the woman. Cameron rescued Alexis when she went into premature labor in the park and then later helped persuade the doctors to allow her to stay in the NICU continually with her baby.

When it appeared that Brenda was going to go down for Alcazar's murder, Jax tried to get Cameron to declare Brenda mentally unstable but Brenda refused.

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Zander ran away from home after his older brother Peter was killed while hunting and his father blamed Zander for Pete's death.

When Zander realized that Cameron was in town, he remembered what happened between them and started to self-destruct.

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Cameron and Zander finally met when Cameron was assigned to be Zander's therapist.

They had it out over the shooting incident, with Zander trying to defend his actions and Cameron blaming him for them.When Alexis realized what happened, she begged Cameron to help her and he agreed.When the cops wanted to arrest her, he was able to convince them to take her to the hospital for treatment.While treating Alexis, Cameron figured out that Alexis was faking her dissociative identity disorder but reluctantly agreed to continue with her plan.Together, they went to great lengths to try to convince the judge that she was insane at the time of the murder.Jax knows exactly what Nelle’s true intentions are.

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