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To help spread the good word of We Chat, 88Rising‘s China-based rap group the Higher Brothers–who are seriously blowing up right now–have put out a new track ‘apptly’ named “We Chat,” featuring Korea’s Keith Ape.

Taking a contemporary approach to the track’s accompanying visuals, the official video is comprised entirely of overseas We Chat video calls between the Higher Brother cohorts in China, and Keith Ape over in South Korea, with a constant sprinkling of messages from fans, friends and a HOT DAMN GIRL!

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Although many stickers generate a laugh, they never get used again.

And a lot of the time stickers get used in the wrong context. Check out our top 10 stickers most appropriate for these situations (PC-ish situations, for non-PC situations you’ll have to figure it out yourselves). ' cat Occasion: When you are confused, when someone has typed something in Chinese in an English-only group chat, when you suspect that someone typed their message into the wrong conversation, when someone's drunk so much tequila that they've lost the ability to communicate in any sensical way.

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While the Higher Brothers bring on a more melodic approach this time around, Keith Ape’s part brings on the guns for a constant spray of heavy fire, and not without his signature emoji graphics.

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