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Higashi and her partner chose the “Disney Royal Dream Wedding,” which includes greetings by Disney characters and use of the Cinderella Castle.Nevertheless, the twitter frenzy over the issue caught the attention of the local media both traditional and online, which all proclaimed Tokyo Disneyland now open for gay wedding business. Due to the nature of this trope and its close association with Death Tropes, spoilers are likely.

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While stopped at a roadside phone booth for transmitting his work through the Internet to the university, Professor Hideki Satomi finds a scrap of newspaper with the picture of his ...

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Higashi, who is also a gay activist in Japan, said she hoped her decision would help open public conversation about an issue that has yet to be broadly discussed socially as well as politically.

“There are no civil unions in Japan or any laws that would protect our relationships,” she said, noting that part of the problem lies within the still largely closeted gay community, which fears the repercussions of stepping forward.

“As for the issue of clothing, initially there was incomplete understanding on the part of our staff.” After Higashi posted about the issue on her blog, a flood of social media commentary caught the attention of the media, which said that Tokyo Disneyland was now in the gay wedding business.

The spokeswoman said that while there were no special wedding packages on offer, gay couples could choose to take part in whatever reception plan they fancied.

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Usually it's never explained why this person looks exactly the same, but it's a quick way to turn a bittersweet ending into a happy ending.

"So the protagonist is forced to part with a love interest for fantastic (supernatural/fantasy/science fiction) reasons. Because at the end of the story they meet a mundane person who happens to look like the person they lost.

“My partner and I just love going to Disneyland, so when we saw a pamphlet advertising wedding receptions by the Cinderella Castle in Tokyo Disneyland we called and asked if we could hold our wedding there,” Higashi told Reuters in a telephone interview. President Barack Obama came out in favour of same-sex weddings last week, such a political stance remains a distant dream in Japan, where civil unions are not legally allowed and simply being openly gay remains taboo for many, even though there are no laws against homosexuality.

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