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The saying above is meant to laugh at someone who has attempted in vain to do something like to win over somebody else’s lover.

More literally it translates as: “Even if we squash each other fighting for it, the one who will get it is the one destined to get it”.

It may be a message of love, caution, warning, reassurance, or just an act of self-expression.

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A person who brings “the bacon” home, is the one that gets recognition.

The word “chokochoko” actually means “provocation” but it is derived from “chokoa” which means to poke or to fork.

Had the prayers of the victims be of any effect on to their victimizers, then certainly the oppression would end. Go wherever you go, but you’ll return to the same old place.

In some cases this saying is used to discourage overindulgence in other peoples’ affairs.

you will just learn that from her/his actions.” This proverb (which is used a lot in the Swahili world) is just a reminder that people’s inner feelings are mostly communicated through actions, attitude and behaviour, and much less through words.

Literally, the proverb tells people not to wait until they are verbally notified that they are no longer welcome at a particular place, instead, they should try to take note of the attitude, actions, and behaviour of their hosts, to know that they have stayed long enough and it was time to leave.These “honourable’s cars” help rural people in many ways including giving them rides (lifts) especially in case of emergencies.That’s why this kanga writing expresses gratitude to such a car.In the Swahili world leaders are always called with “Muhishimiwa” or “Mheshimiwa” title which is the translation for “Honourable” or “His/Her Excellency”.In rural areas you hardly find any cars save those government-owned cars given to district and regional commissioners, local concillors, members of parliament, etc.Another similar Swahili proverb: Dau la mnyonge haliendi joshi – A poor man’s canoe doesn’t sail fast.

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