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Calisto is a young knight who has fallen madly in love with a beautiful maiden, Melibea.Failing in his endeavors to win her over, Calisto is prompted by his unscrupulous servant, Sempronio to seek the help of Celestina.

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It involves a witch, a failing romance, a virtuous young woman & a horny knight.

The knight has two servants that appear to have different opinions about the witch but turn out to be more alike than intended.

But it is interesting to see Penélope Cruz, Juan Diego Botto, Maribel Verdú, Jordi Mollà and Nancho Novo in their early stage of development.

This is an escapist period piece that could have been so much better, but even in this state it is entertaining.

The musical soundtrack is classical & I enjoyed it a lot.

The witch & her influence on the town are as marvelously done as the music.Grady Harp, November 06Before I began the review there is a subtitle feature available in english.The story begins with some rich guy that likes a chasity virgin from the roman-catholic church. So in a desperate attempt to have her he goes to this witch-lady, she cast a spell for him, he gets the girl.Calisto's faithful and humble servant Pármeno (Jordi Mollà) fails in his attempts to block the spells delivered by Celestina but to no avail.Once the magic is in effect the worlds of each person fall apart.The young Knight and the beautiful maiden are soon happy lovers, but not for long.

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