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A written project, designed in consultation with the faculty member, and a minimum of 200 hours working for a participating employer during a semester are required.

However, concurrent enrollment in ACCT 3321, ACCT 3361, ACCT 4314, and ACCT 4351 permitted.

This is the capstone course for the undergraduate accounting major.

ACOM 1300 Introduction to Communication This course focuses on the development of effective and ethical communication skills needed to foster positive communication in a variety of contexts.

Students will explore the basic principles of communication related to perception, verbal and nonverbal communication, interpersonal communication, and public speaking.

Introduction to operations auditing, statistical sampling, and auditing EDP systems. ACCT 4366 Federal Corporate Taxation Prerequisite: ACCT 3321 – ACCT 2310, ACCT 2330, ACCT 3311, ACCT 3312, ACCT 3330, ACCT 3341, and ACCT 4323, each with a grade of C or greater.

However, concurrent enrollment in ACCT 4323 is permitted.

Federal income tax topics related to partnerships and partners, corporations and shareholders, trusts and estates, research methods in tax practice, survey of the unified estate and gift tax law. Methods and tools of tax research as applied to both closed fact and controllable fact cases.

Methods for locating and assessing relevant authority on specific tax questions is emphasized. ACCT 4351 Auditing Theory and Practice I Prerequisites: ACCT 2310, ACCT 2330, ACCT 3311, ACCT 3312, ACCT 3330, and ACCT 3341, each with C or greater. Fundamentals of contemporary auditing theory and practice with emphasis on collection and evaluation of audit evidence and the audit report.

Financial and budgetary control, the budgetary process in government, special accounting, and reporting problems of the public and not-for-profit sector. ACCT 3391 Cooperative Education in Accounting Prerequisites: ACCT 2310, ACCT 2330, and ACCT 3311, each with a grade of C or greater, but concurrent enrollment in ACCT 3311 permitted; major in Accounting; junior standing; GPA of 3.0 or higher in all work completed; consent of Department Chair prior to registration.

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