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We also see that most of the searches occur in the context of "dating" and "sexy".

So definitely there's interest either to date them or to have sex with them, or both.

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So, take a stroll down memory lane to remember all of our past Word of the Year selections.

For some of you, sifting through our galleries feeds your dreams, keeping you psyched up for that overseas trip you’re gonna take sometime in the future. We have single women looking for men, from the four corners of the globe.

To write about young Russian women aka girls is a triple suicide mission: categorizing people by age, nationality and sex is not the most rewarding enterprise. Now that we're done with generalizations and stereotypes, let's take a more scientific stance.

However, we cannot ignore the fact that young Russian women do exist and that they're also the object of intense interest around the world. A shift from subjective towards objective or at least to the kind of subjective that's generalized, so it becomes more or less objective.

It shows how many people search for a given search phrase and in which context.

What we find out is that on average people search for the "Russian girls" about 1 Mln times a month, peaking in March (spring time, perhaps).Faced with this choice, men tend to make their intentions seem more precious than they really are (who wants to seem superficial?), which, in turn, crystallizes this sort of attitude even more.While French girls are traditionally associated with being pretty and the French kiss, which is understandable.This very superficial and yet quite informative study of the Google search terms reveals the fact that Russian girls are insanely more popular than their European and American counterparts and that they attract a level of interest that is very much related to some sort of we might say.So let's consider this a kind of anthropological research with a few practical recommendations. It's well known that our environment shapes who we are.

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