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Peer also includes other nifty features such as the ability to send pre-recorded video messages as invites, or text.

While video is where Messenger's similarities with Meerkat and Periscope begin and end — Messenger video is one-on-one for now, whereas Periscope and Meerkat are essentially broadcast services — Monday's launch is likely just the beginning.

In any case, there’s no stopping Facebook from trying to directly compete with Meerkat and Periscope, whether it's through Messenger or another standalone app.

The feature is coming to 18 markets around the globe at first, including the U.

K., France, Greece, Ireland, Mexico, Portugal and the U. To start a video call, tap the video camera icon inside a message on the upper right-hand side of the screen.

Provided both you and your contact have a stable 3G, 4G or Wi-Fi connection, Facebook says there shouldn't be a problem striking up a video conversation (though your quality mileage may vary).

Adding video chat to Messenger's features was pretty much a no-brainer, explained Stan Chudnovsky, Facebook Messenger's Head of Product.

This is not recommenced, however, during business calls.

Looking for a video chat app strictly for business? The app syncs with Linked In so professionals can have a face-to-face way to communicate and connect with each other.

, who referenced the transition from traditional, voice-only calls to text-based messaging.

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