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At the initial stage we will use already existing Internet search engines.

However, the logic of image search does not in the least overlap nowadays the logic of the Visual.

The main distinguishing feature of video objects and compositions made by the Constructor will be their independency from the established visual formats and resolution standards.

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To get the wanted image from the Internet is almost the same as to find in the middle of the Ocean a message in a bottle, which was once addressed to you.

Like Borges’ Library of Babylon it is an endless information labyrinth that contains everything, but where nothing can be found.

The Cosmos is the Chaos that has been put into order.

We, Artists-Constructors, offer the following order of transformation of the Visual Chaos into the B&L Cosmos.

However we will concentrate our efforts on the Visual and start to collect dispersed visual information, and will organize it into the structured open source database.

Everywhere we will look for the visual materials, analogue or digital: in archives and libraries, in public and private databases, in fine arts museums and galleries, in video stores and cinemas, on TV-channels and radio stations, in newspapers and magazines, in scientific laboratories and copy shops, in philatelist collections and family photo albums.

The next essential component in the structure of the B&L Cosmos is the Constructor.

The Constructor is the place where the groups of elements, initialised by the Accumulator, will be turned into the B&L Details and then used as building blocks for our new visual objects and compositions.

We can never be sure, that we will be able to find the same information the next time when we will look for it, especially if we are looking for a particular visual stuff.

Therefore, together with our friends Scientists and Programmers we will work on the development of special B&L search system aimed exclusively at the visual information.

The Constructor is designed as a complex structure, which components can be any time modified and replaced.

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