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Eventually, Garcia reaches Fleming's "Castle of Hassle", and battles his way through to its top, where Fleming awaits him, Paula encased within his cloak.

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If you want to make out with someone while wearing one, don't worry—the person you're kissing will never notice your face feels like rubber rather than skin.

Best of all for those who need them, masks of such exquisite detail can be made without resorting to casting the face of the target—a couple of small black-and-white photos will do just fine as a reference.

Garcia is powerless to stop Fleming, but instead follows him back to the underworld along with his demon sidekick, Johnson, who also acts as his gun, torch and motorcycle.

In the demon world, Johnson helps guide Garcia through the twisted nature of the demon realm, defeating numerous enemies that try to feed on Garcia's flesh, and keeping him away from the darkness that destroys the human flesh.

This is the number one tool of the Master of Disguise.

It's not seen nearly as often in modern TV, but it still lurks about and surfaces every now and then. If a man disguises as a woman this way, the unmasking can often be seen as an Unsettling Gender Reveal.The Unbreakable Huntress challenged Fleming, but was brutally dismembered by the demon king.Impressed with her refusal to surrender even when reduced to a quad amputee, Fleming made the Huntress into his queen, only to repeatedly kill her over and over again, healing any wounds that resulted from the torture.Remember, We Will Not Use Stage Makeup In The Future, and the latex mask will be subsumed by Applied Phlebotinum.Sometimes fiction leans towards a rather lax interpretation of trademark issues.Another variation of this involves the use of a full rubber bodysuit that is unzipped down the front or the back for the reveal, usually used more in animation.

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