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If the sex breaks down, everything else in the relationship will suffer.

‘The reasons were many — a young child, coping with two demanding careers — all the usual problems couples face.

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It has also been proven that couples — especially men — will live longer, happier lives if they remain in a steady, loving relationship.

There is no doubt that a healthy sex life is one of the most important factors in a thriving and successful marriage.’Carol, a company managing director, explains: ‘A healthy physical relationship brings intimacy and comfort to a relationship, beyond words.

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‘It promotes intimacy, reassurance, the realisation that both parties are wanted and needed.

It is hard to find researched evidence, but most surveys point to the fact that a lack of sex in a relationship is a leading factor in break-ups.‘Once the sex goes, so many other problems follow.

Free to use and with a UI that's simple to the point of remedial, its rapid-fire approach to matchmaking has since been aped by numerous developers, while online dating's gentrification has continued apace.

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