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(I had to stop the series because volumes are on backorder at the local bookstore Basically Kare First Love is like a attempt to copy Mars that may work for some but does not compare to Mars.It has the same plot line of a good girl meets a bad boy and somehow they fall in love but they have struggles they must overcome.In both the boys are interested in sex and wish to have sex with their love interest but choose to wait because they truly love the girl and she does not want to have sex for whatever reason.

Both are about girls that never had neither a boyfriend or friends, but that suddenly change when she meets a hot guy and fall in love with them.

Both great read, with good characters, nice comedy and nice romance.

The love that develops between them is genuine though which i think is where they are the most similar.

Both decent reads if your into shoujo I was expecting Dengeki Daisy to be more recommended but I'm surprised that nobody did. There were some instances wherein Teru and Karin looked alike.

The main character, Kaji Kotori has problems making new friends especially with guys but everything changes when he met Kaji Yukito, a guy who will change her.

Both of these manga revolves around a girl who has no experience in love and are both considered to be "Ugly" or "Plain". They than changed their appearances and people begin to notice them. I'm actually surprised no one recommended this.

however Papillon i believe is more dramatic than kare first love.

In the start guy is in love with one girl - who's feeling are just begining. " That continual suspense of who is going to end up with who. People trying to steal each other's lover, and very touching.

KFL is finished with 57 chapters, and KKWH is still ongoing.

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