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He and his team are also continuing to appeal for help in tracing a man caught on CCTV in an off-licence at about 8pm on the night of the murder, 100 yards from where Stephen was attacked.

The man was wearing a green jacket with a distinctive ‘V’ emblem on the back but despite the clarity of the CCTV images, appeals for information have again fallen on Eltham’s deaf ears.

His 40-year-old brother Jamie, the fourth man we named, is wanted by police for his links to serious drugs crimes.

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Posing in country casuals, he is the last of Stephen Lawrence’s killers still on the streets of Eltham.

Luke Knight, 40, is unrecognisable from the snarling brute who smirked at claims he was one of the five racists behind the black teenager’s death.

In May 1993 Nelson Mandela visited London and met me and my family.

His comments about our case that, perhaps in Britain, like in apartheid South Africa, black lives were cheap, made the national news. From then on all of Britain would know who the suspects were. 'That front page made a lasting impression on our struggle for justice.

The ‘Eltham omerta’, it seems, is as powerful as ever.

Potential witnesses fear they may pay a heavy price if word gets out that they have spoken to the police.

That just leaves father of two Knight remaining on the south-east London stomping ground where the murderous gang thought themselves above the law.

After a shambolic police investigation, two prosecutions and an inquest all failed to secure justice for Stephen and his family, the Daily Mail went to the extraordinary lengths of naming all five of the gang beneath the headline ‘MURDERERS’.‘If we are wrong, let them sue us,’ we said, throwing down a legal gauntlet to the five men who had all arrogantly refused to answer questions about Stephen’s murder for fear of incriminating themselves.

The name ‘Stephen Lawrence’ is met with an uncomfortable and eerie silence in the pubs, such as the Beehive in New Eltham, where the five suspects used to drink.

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