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Harvard University in Cambridge is the oldest institution of higher learning in the United States, Kendall Square in Cambridge has been called "the most innovative square mile on the planet", in reference to the high concentration of entrepreneurial start-ups and quality of innovation which have emerged in the vicinity of the square since 2010.

The Massachusetts Bay Colony was named after the indigenous population, the Massachusett, likely derived from a Wôpanâak word muswach8sut, segmented as mus(ây) "big" wach8 "mountain" -s "diminutive" -ut "locative" (the '8' in these words refers to the 'oo' sound according to the Wôpanâak orthographic chart).

209A order will infallibly cause inconvenience; in considering whether to issue a Ch.

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The state is named for the Massachusett tribe, which once inhabited the area.

The capital of Massachusetts and the most populous city in New England is Boston.

Alternatively, Massachusett has been represented as Moswetuset—from the name of the Moswetuset Hummock (meaning "hill shaped like an arrowhead") in Quincy, where Plymouth Colony commander Myles Standish, hired English military officer, and Squanto, part of the now disappeared Patuxet band of the Wampanoag peoples, met Chief Chickatawbut in 1621.

In the early 1600s, after contact had been made with Europeans, large numbers of the indigenous peoples in the northeast of what is now the United States were killed by virgin soil epidemics such as smallpox, measles, influenza, and perhaps leptospirosis.

In 1692, the town of Salem and surrounding areas experienced one of America's most infamous cases of mass hysteria, the Salem witch trials.

for the agitation there that led to the American Revolution.

Domestic Violence Law Enforcement Guidelines, Mass. Executive Office of Public Safety, January 2009 "These guidelines set forth appropriate and effective responses to domestic violence for police departments in Massachusetts." Massachusetts Guide to Evidence, s.1106: Abuse Prevention and Harassment Prevention Proceedings, Mass. 209A, the rules of evidence should be applied flexibly by taking into consideration the personal and emotional nature of the issues involved, whether one or both of the parties is self-represented, and the need for fairness to all parties." Guidelines for Judicial Practice: Abuse Prevention Proceedings, Mass. 324, 708 NE2d 100 (1999) Court held that "Probate and Family Court has statutory authority to issue permanent protective orders in divorce proceedings and to incorporate them into final judgments of divorce nisi." Commonwealth v. 385, 693 NE2d 673 (1998) "Where third party is involved in act that results in violation of protective order... Online book covers safety planning, finding shelter, child support, criminal complaints, 209A orders, custody, visitation, divorce, paternity, DSS, property and cases in probate and family court. Women's "The Mission of Womens is to provide easy-to-understand legal information and resources to women living with or escaping domestic violence or sexual assault." Attorney General's Advisory Concerning M. Orders Concerning Domesticated Animals in Conjunction with Restraining Orders, Memo from Chief Justice of the Trial Court and Court Administrator, October 31, 2012 (see additional resources below) Includes explanation of the law and procedures, with forms Restraining Order Violators, Corrective Programming and Recidivism, Mass. (see additional resources below) Statistical analysis of the effectiveness of certified batterer programs, anger management programs, substance abuse treatment, and mental health counseling in reducing domestic violence recidivism.

Supreme Judicial Court "In all civil proceedings under the Abuse Prevention Act, G. Trial Court, September 2011 (see additional resources below) Bosse v. Commonwealth is required to prove beyond a reasonable doubt an intentional act by defendant which led to violation." Commonwealth v. 1 (2005) Most statements given to police investigating a crime may not be used at trial unless the witness can be cross-examined. Safety Issues: Family Law Advocacy for Low and Moderate Income Litigants, 2d ed., 2008.

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