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Zynga's rapid growth has been seen as an indicator of the vastly different playing field from only a few years before, where games have become able to gain significant public acceptance in a shorter period of time, with the cost of entry being much lower.

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Bonfire Studios was acquired by Zynga on October 5, 2010. The acquisition brought Zynga's workforce to more than 1300 employees worldwide.

Months later, on December 2, 2010, Zynga announced it acquired the Texas-based mobile game developer Newtoy, Inc., developers of Words with Friends and Chess with Friends, Zynga acquired the New York-based game developer Area/Code, now renamed Zynga New York in January 2011.

Zynga acquired Conduit Labs on August 17, 2010, renaming it Zynga Boston.

The acquisition of Dextrose, now Zynga Germany, marked the company's first expansion into Europe.Some analysts and journalists have questioned the long-term prospects of Zynga’s business model, especially after Zynga’s Q2 2012 earnings report failed to meet analyst projections for revenue and earnings.Zynga has been taking steps to cut expenses and expand its business into areas such as licensed board games, online gambling, its own gaming platform (Zynga.com), and mobile game apps.On July 1, 2013, Zynga confirmed that it had hired Microsoft's Interactive Entertainment President Don Mattrick as its new CEO.Zynga's press release announced that former CEO, Mark Pincus, would continue as Zynga’s chairman and chief product officer.The same month, the three top Zynga executives had left the company: John Osvald, a senior vice president of games, Jesse Janosov, a vice president who ran Zynga’s casino division, and Nathan Etter, a vice president of games, all resigned.

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