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The objective of this study was to describe the kinanthropometric profile of Cuban women Olympic volleyball champions from 1992 through 2000, according to positions and roles played.

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Three points were awarded for a 3–0 or 3–1 win, two points for a 3–2 win, one point for a 2–3 loss and 0 points for a 1–3 or 0–3 loss.

The top four teams per group qualified for the quarter-finals.

Several authors have shown that volleyball players possess muscular power, jumping prowess, strength and height in blocking, strength and speed for spiking, endurance, speed and agility, among other kinanthropometric characteristics.[15-20]Several studies on volleyball players at different performance levels have shown that the kinanthropometric profile of female players presents greater absolute size in comparison with those of other sports[14,17] and an average somatotype within the central,[17,21,22] balanced mesomorphic,[23] mesoendomorphic[21,24] and balanced ectomorphic categories.[21] Kinanthropometric attributes of volleyball players correlate with the sport's technical-tactical demands,[17,25-28] as in other team sports such as basketball,[29-31] handball,[25] rugby[32,33] and baseball.[34,35] Studies of volleyball support this last assertion: Olympic winning teams present higher indices of physical performance and height than their competitors.[36] Huang et al.

proposed that part of the secret of the Cuban women's volleyball team's competitive success in the 1990s was their stellar physical capacity and power.[37,38]The specialized literature presents data addressing aspects of the Cuban women's volleyball team's competitive success during the 1990s.[36-38] However, there is a dearth of more detailed reports that would serve as points of departure for future analysis.

OBJECTIVE: Describe the kinanthropometric profiles of Cuban women Olympic volleyball champions during 1992-2000 and compare these by position played.

METHODS: Measurements were taken of body composition, somatotype, proportionality and several anthropometric indicators in 41 Cuban women volleyball players, grouped by playing position.

* The Asian Qualifier was combined with the 1st World Qualifier.

The first place team of the tournament qualified as the winners of the 1st World Qualifier, while the best asian team except the winners qualified as the Asian Qualifier winners.

The indoor volleyball competition took place at Ginásio do Maracanãzinho in Maracanã, and the beach volleyball tournament was held at Copacabana Beach, The competition consisted of two stages; a preliminary round followed by a knockout stage.

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