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In addition, Holland was handed a five-month concurrent sentence after admitting failing to discharge his duty under health and safety laws, for which his company also accepted culpability.

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Mr Clark's fiancee, Beverley, told the Lewes Crown Court at Hove Trial Centre her life ended when he died - just two days after they got engaged.'He died too soon, his loss will be felt forever,' she said, adding she would be happier if she went to bed and did not wake up rather than continue to face life without him.'Dave was real, he was my love, my rock.' The 52-year-old, who got engaged to Mr Clark just two days before his 'unnecessary death', described the anguish she was still enduring.

She said she now leads a double existence in which her smiles are fake and her laughs are hollow as she tries to make sense of a world without him.

He issued a warning notice specifically about the first floor of that stable block, which is similar to the east wing where Mr Clark fell a year later.

Following a re-trial the jury returned guilty verdicts in June.

She spoke candidly and with dignity in court about the moment she learned the 'big, clever, funny man' would be paralysed if he survived.

Beverly, who changed her surname to Clark when he died, had been planning to renovate a house in Hove with her fiance.Her Honour Judge Christine Laing said: 'This was not a mistake or an error of judgement, it was an inexplicable failure to address an issue you had been warned would cause serious injury or death.'You both owed a duty of care to all those working on the site.'She said the earlier warnings were a 'blueprint' for how to keep their staff safe but they left the site in a dangerous condition.Judge Laing said: 'Had I seen evidence you both accepted and understood your responsibilities for what happened, I may have been able to suspend the sentences.'Born in Bromley, London, Holland left school with no qualifications and joined the Merchant Navy before moving to Brighton aged 18.Holland, who was born in Bromley, London, leapt to the defence of his company and said the accident was Clark’s own fault.Holland and Oakes were charged in March last year and stood trial in May in a case brought by the police and the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), after two years on bail.He was moved to the Royal Sussex County Hospital in Brighton where he died just under a month later.

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