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I have a grammar learning disability, so please forgive the grammar. Gotham City, United States, North America, Earth Batman aka Bruce Wayne is flying over Gotham City. However, after the previous night's events Bruce need a rest but as the Batwing approach the former Arkham City, where eleven months ago Batman's greatest foe, the Joker died.I did my best with getting the story as readable as possible. Just slight over two weeks later Batman and Robin defeated Harley Quinn while saving several police officers.

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Climbing out of the Batwing and walking the short distance to where one of Talia's personal body guards is standing watch.

The woman, Kari lowers her head and leads Batman to where Talia al Ghul and her half-sister, Nyssa Raatko are waiting.

Nyssa is nervous while Talia can't think of anything else but Bruce's massive cock inside of her pussy.

As Bruce steps through the doorway, Talia asks, "Beloved, this is my sister, I thought she could join us?

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