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Therefore, it is important to choose the right SMS gateway provider in order to ensure quality-of-service along the whole path of the content SMS until reaching the consumer's mobile.

Modern phones come with Bluetooth and Near field communication.

This allows video to be sent from phone to phone over Bluetooth, which has the advantages that there is no data charge.

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Because SMS is the main messaging technology used by young people, it is still the most effective way of reaching this target market.

SMS is also ubiquitous, reaching a wider audience than any other technology available in the mobile space (MMS, bluetooth, mobile e-mail or WAP).

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It also enabled additional competition from other players.

For example, Google's Android platform for mobile content has further increased the amount of app content available to mobile phone subscribers.

Some examples of mobile apps would be applications to manage travel schedules, buy movie tickets, preview video content, manage RSS news feeds, read digital version of popular newspapers, identify music, look at star constellations, view Wikipedia, and much more.

Many televion networks have their own app to promote and present their content.

It is important to keep enhancing the consumer confidence in using SMS for mobile content applications.

This means, if a consumer has ordered a new wallpaper or ringtone, this has to work properly, in a speedy and reliable way.

More important than anything else, SMS is extremely easy to use, which makes adoption increase day by day.

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