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to cheat; President Obama or Hillary Clinton (his most likely successor) would be put in the embarrassing spot of admitting it; and Congress would destroy the deal.But, as the inspectors have reported time and time again, Iran is not cheating. He decided to decertify Iran anyway and to invent reasons why.The Iranians are permitted to develop advanced centrifuges, but they are limited in how many of them they can build or store, they cannot use them to enrich uranium, and they have destroyed or shipped away the stockpile of enriched uranium they already had.

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Under the deal, the IAEA can inspect any and all Iranian sites declared to be associated with nuclear programs (past or present), and it can also inspect other sites if it shows cause for doing so.

Iran demanded this provision of “cause,” arguing (reasonably) that foreign intelligence agencies could otherwise use the deal as a vehicle for endless espionage.

Vinson Massif in Antarctic Note: Photos are linked to their source.

President Trump’s statement Friday on the Iran nuclear deal may be the most dishonest speech he has ever given from the White House—and, depending what happens next, it could be his most damaging.

Second, he said, they “failed to meet our expectations in its operation of advanced centrifuges.” I have no idea what this means and can’t find anyone to decipher it.

Third, he said, the Iranians “intimidated international inspectors into not using their full inspection authorities.” This is complicated.Critics say that would give Iran enough time to hide illegal activity.But, during the debate over this provision, intelligence officials noted that they could surround the facility with surveillance tools, which would detect any clean-up effort, and that, once inside the site, inspectors could spot, for instance, radioactive debris.This law requires the president to certify, every 90 days, that Iran is still in compliance.If he certifies otherwise (in other words, if he acknowledges that Iran has been caught cheating), Congress could vote within 60 days to reimpose the sanctions.First, he said, on two separate occasions, they exceeded the limits of 130 metric tons of heavy water.

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