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When combined with prejudice and racism which immigrants may face in their new country, it is possible to understand why many people struggle with the resettlement.

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Since 1945, around 6.5 million migrants have arrived in Australia and today, nearly one quarter of Australia’s people were born overseas (Khakbaz, Gopalkrishnan & Babacan).

Yet despite this reputation of being a multi-cultural country, immigrants continue to face a number of socio-psychological factors when coming to and settling in Australia.

Assimilation is conformity with a country in which one lives.

Through assimilation one becomes part of the new society and culture.

In acculturation there is an exchange between two cultural groups and an adaptation of value systems on both sides.

Jamil, Nassar-Mc Millan and Lamber (2007) identify four stages of loss, transition and adaptation in acculturation.

Prejudice, Stereotypes and Racism Prejudice is a negative feeling towards a person because of their membership to a certain group (Baumeister & Bushman, 2008).

Racism in turn is prejudiced attitudes and actions towards a particular race (Baumeister & Bushman).

The second is integration – the immigrant adopts new attitudes and behaviours that are compatible with their primary culture.

The third is marginalization where the immigrant does not feel as though they identify with either culture.

There are four ways an immigrant can react to living in a new society (Jamil, Nassar-Mc Millan, & Lamber 2007; Sayeght and Lasry).

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