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– The high school friendship drama that all high school friendship dramas should take a page from.

Yamashita Tomohisa (Yamapi) will always be my Akira until the day I die, this spacy little alien who flits around being weird and awesome.

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If you hit on one that you love, it might just became an all-time favorite.

– Nakama Yukie plays the daughter of a Yakuza boss turned high school teacher, whipping delinquents into shape and inspiring them to embrace education and achievement.

Contains a who’s who of the current crop of leading actors and actresses from when they were just starting out.

Season 1 had Matsumoto Jun, Oguri Shun, and Narimiya Hiroki.

Started me on my Fukyama Masaharu love, and cemented Sakai Noriko‘s imagine as a pure as snow leading lady with a heart of gold.

Her character in the drama was even named Koyuki (little snow), which now seems so ironic.

A wonderful romance drama with lots of foodie goodness, this is an oldie that probably can’t be tracked down anymore. (Perfect Woman) – Matsushima Nanako at the height of her leading lady days as the poor girl determined to marry a rich man.

Of course she falls in love with the poor guy, and gets a chance to be with the rich guy. Fast-paced and addicting old-school J-dorama, and the work that made Matsushima Nanako a household name in Japan. Probably a tad too slow for the modern audiences, but I loved the moody slowness of it all.

The story has been remade all around Asia, but this is all-around favorite version.

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