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And have gathered yourself from your surprise of being lifted, spun, and licked all in a matter of seconds, take the shaft of my cock into your mouth hungrily, licking and slurping it, enjoying its hardness and thinking of the eventual reward a good blow job can provide a girl. Your asshole muscles begin to contract involuntarily while my tongue probes your pussy.

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But I am one step ahead of you, as I can feel your pelvic floor muscles between your pussy and asshole begin to contract and quiver-a sure sign a woman is about to climax.

By the sixth time I have you on the edge, you are screaming at me.

I climb on top of you, placing my rock hard cock at the top of your ass crack, right at your lower back.

You are so ready for me, as I rock back and forth, rubbing my cock against your ass as I massage your back muscles. Surprised, you turn your head and see a shiny pair of police handcuffs are fastened there.

I then turn you gently to your back and, allowing you to squirm to find a comfortable position for your hands, spread your legs wide and begin licking your pussy again.

I bring you along more slowly this time, taking my time to get you fully aroused and your juices flowing.Instead I lift you easily with my strong arms and spin you effortlessly so that your head is facing my feet, your ass in my face. She makes that wonderful sound, that muffled, "ummmph," she struggles to make with a cock in the back of her throat.I lick your pussy as you quiver, and I enjoy the sound of you gasping as my tongue touches your asshole for the first time. And you do it too, as I continue to lick your pussy and asshole while you shake.After several minutes of frustrated bliss, I am ready to cum.The wonderful sight of your ass bucking and shaking, trying to force itself to orgasm is too much for me. I lift you off of me and lay you down onto the bed on your stomach.I feel that familiar feeling again-the point of no return-as my balls begin to rise (a physiological requirement for a man to be able to orgasm), and the muscles just below my scrotum begin to knot up.

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