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Although the other shows on WMAL are full of right wing hatred and certainly Chris is no liberal and said somethings about some politicians that I really thought were unfair, I enjoyed his show and listened to it almost daily.

I suspect he was not edgy enough to meet the WMAL right wing hate radio profile that includes some pretty hardcore big mouths. I didn't agree with Core very often, but at least he semi-tolerated other points of view on his program, unlike the rest of the ignorant, right-wing knuckleheads that currently populate WMAL. Johnny Holliday moved w/ Maryland Terps radio to 106.7.

I know Core doesn't rhyme with Grandy, but he would be so much better than "no facts,fat @ss" Parks.

WMAL's listeners are supposed to be bright..then why don't you WAKE up! The point is that the entire country doesn't want to listen anymore to the radical right or left nastiness.

They have lost their influenc3 and the stations are losing ratings. While losing one's job is never fun, Chris Core is paying the price for selling out to the Devil - the Devil being WMAL's right wing hate radio agenda.

But with the new WBIG focused on rock of the 70s and The Globe (94.7) emphasizing post-60s classic rock, there was an opening to try a more traditional oldies sound.

"The greatest hits of all time are back," the new station announced in its first promotion after a few seconds of silence at 3 p.m. The first songs played on the station were Aretha Franklin's "Respect," the Doobie Brothers' "Listen To The Music," Manfred Mann's "Do Wah Diddy," and Earth Wind and Fire's "September." Another promotional announcement featured quick cuts from The Monkees' "I'm A Believer," the Rolling Stones' "(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction," The Supremes' "You Can't Hurry Love," and The Doors' "Touch Me." More in the print edition Saturday.....

Chris always took phone calls from all comers and sometimes took positions that seemed to be inconsistent with the usual right wing blather. And now, nobody--and I mean nobody--from the "old days" of WMAL are left. Hardin and Weaver, God rest their souls are both deceased. There was also another gentleman in the 70's and 80's who use to do big band music from the 30's and 40's--don't remember his name but he was usually on Sunday mornings. I also still remember the very funny commercial Chris and his old partner Trumbell did in the early 80's. What makes you idiots think it was WMAL that got rid of Core?

And he spoke very softly and slowly..anyone help me w/ that? WMAL doesn't make its own corporate decisions...it's CITADEL BROADCASTING.

My family stands to take a HUGE hit if those tax cuts expire, and we are two working professionals with kids living in a modest middle class home.

The "Super Rich" that the leftist class warfare extremists keep railing against, are really the middle class professionals that are the backbone of taxpaying citizens in this country.

His show was interesteing informing, and amusing, and made my drive bearable. He was not the typical conservative talk show host and he was open minded to others opinions. [email protected] remember Core from Trumbull & Core damned near 30 years ago, and though I've not listened to him since he moved to mornings, I'm sorry to hear he's been canned.

The station will probably miss me as a listener, but what do they care about the older folks. Regardless of whatever foolishness he had to do as part of his job--and the current WMAL guys on before him are such jackasses that they're laughable--I always thought he was a class act.

That's what happens when a company is OWNED by another company. Smooth Jazz 105.9 was growing on me (it lulls our twins to sleep) but for drive time oldies are much better. Here is a man who constructively gave and monitored opinion on the radio and he gets unceremoniously removed from the station.

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