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While the young clone and Steel were sceptical about his claim, they joined him to attack Engine City, discovering a huge missile capable of wiping out a city inside.The teen clung to the missile as it was launched and managed to alter its course before it reached Metropolis.He became enamoured with reporter Tana Moon, who he granted an exclusive live on WGBS, a station under the direction of the unscrupulous Vinnie Edge.

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Superboy also learned that the DNA donor was in fact the late Cadmus director, Paul Westfield, as well as a revelation from Carl Packard that Superboy had been the thirteenth attempt by Cadmus to clone Superman. Teng's "Bizarro" technique, resulting in a Bizarro Superboy that was still being held by the lab. When Superboy returned to Hawaii, Tana threw him a birthday party, making Superboy officially one year old.

Techno and the Silicon Dragons who became consistent foes.

Superboy packed up his things and returned his apartment to Clark Kent, officially leaving Metropolis behind.

After a few weeks of travelling, Superboy and Dubbilex arrived in Hawaii, joined by Rex and Roxy Leech.

With the real Superman back in action, his younger clone relinquished the rights to the name and symbol — to the annoyance of Rex Leech — and decided to leave Metropolis; formally accepting the name Superboy.

He decided to go on a world tour in order to establish himself as an individual, returning first to Cadmus where he learned he was not in fact a direct clone of Superman, but rather a human clone genetically engineered to look like Superman and mimic his major powers by way of tactile telekinesis.

On his way back to Hawaii, Superboy was forced to make a pit stop in Smallville, where he met Ma and Pa Kent and the Superboy of yet another reality, who was there because of the effects of the time disruption.

The two worked together on another threat to their respective worlds.

He warned everyone that the Cyborg Superman was responsible and Metropolis was in danger, when a humongous Kryptonian War Suit emerged from the water.

The warsuit miraculously housed the real Superman who was still very weakened from his resurrection.

"Superman" loved the limelight and attention from beautiful women, but was blinded by naiveté.

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