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is the only individual food that is directly related to obesity”, “There is nothing in a soft drink that is good for you.

Juice in general is not healthy Another aspect to consider is that juice itself is shown not to be healthy.

For years we thought it was healthy, but that thinking has changed and many view soda and juice as being the same.

Mona Vie’s Specialized Health Drinks Mona Vie adds a special ingredient or two to its basic juice to create a juice for a specific purpose.

The above illustrated the minimal value of the juice alone.

It’s a lab test that measures anti-oxidants in food.

On the face of it higher ORAC seems better, but there’s a lot more to it than that.

This article has been completely updated (as of June 2012) from the ground up to reflect much of the information found from the huge discussion (6000 comments) that you’ll find following the article.

The original article about my introduction to Mona Vie is preserved here.

Reading 6000 comments may not be practical, so I’ve put some of the most important information at the Juice Scam website.

However, due to time constraints, even that doesn’t have the information in these comments.] The short answer is yes. It is perhaps the most incredible example of deceptive marketing in the history of mankind. Typically when people are interested in Mona Vie, they are focused on two things: 1) The nutritional value of the product and 2) the business opportunity.

If you need a little more evidence on the nutritional value of Mona Vie, Men’s Journal put several fruit juices to the test using criteria set up by a director or clinical nutrition. The Salt Lake Tribune reported this interesting information that came out from a lawsuit with Amway: The suit also uncovered an internal Mona Vie memo by Ralph Carson, the company’s chief science officer, who created the original juice.

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