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Most telemarketers must take your home phone number off of their call lists if you've signed up for the Registry. A: You can sign up for the Registry for free by telephone or through the Internet. You must have an active email address to register through the Internet so you can receive an email that is part of the registration process.To register by phone, you must call 1-888-382-1222 from the phone number you wish to register. A: Placing your number on the Registry will stop most, but not all, telemarketing calls.

The Do Not Call Registry is a free service provided by the government.

A: If your number has been on the Registry for at least three months and you receive a call from a telemarketer that you believe is covered by the Registry, you can file a complaint with the NC Attorney General’s Office.

The Registry gives you the choice to accept all telemarketing calls, practically no telemarketing calls or telemarketing calls from selected businesses. A: You can register your own home and cell phone numbers in the Do Not Call Registry.

You may register up to three telephone numbers per visit to the Registry Web site or one phone number per call to the Registry hotline.

Having a single list is simpler for consumers, more efficient for businesses and saves the state money in tough fiscal times.

Q: If there is only one list, why does North Carolina need its own law?

Your email address and other personal information will be stored separately and securely.

The Registry can be used by telemarketers only for the purpose of respecting your wishes not to be called. Phone solicitations and Web sites that claim they will register your name or phone number on a national list - especially those that offer to do so for a fee - are a scam.

You can tell those companies to place you on their internal Do Not Call list; the companies must respect your wishes and stop calling you.

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