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Then she started to apply the system I’m about to teach you — and the problem was solved.

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Are you dreading this year’s Christmas parties, worried that you’ll embarrass yourself by forgetting people’s names?

Well, I have good news for you: my memory system — which I’ve honed over many decades — will ensure that you’ll always be able to put a name to a face. ’ The great thing about doing this is that you’ll be corrected if you’re wrong — ‘No, it’s L- o- r- a- y-n- e’ — and that gives you more time to recall the name.

I’ve shown in front of audiences that I can remember up to 1,500 names of people I’ve only just met. First, you need to learn the basic rules for remembering names. But what if it’s an easy-to-spell name, like Jones or Carter?

If you apply them properly, I guarantee that you’ll improve your memory for names by about 20 per cent. Don’t worry about looking an idiot: the person will still feel flattered because you’re showing an interest. You might say that it’s a name you’ve heard before, for instance. Don’t go overboard with this rule, or it will sound forced.

To put my system into practice, start by assigning made-up names to pictures of faces in this newspaper.

Apply the system you’ve just learned to a few pictures, then go back and see if you remember the names.

Remember, my systems are simply aids to your fabulous God-given memory.

It’s your true memory that will take over once you’ve met Mr Robrum a few times: without even thinking of the image for his name, you’ll find you know it anyway.

And it should guarantee that you’ll never again be at a loss for someone’s name.

When you’re introduced to someone new, you will simply make his or her name visible in your mind by coming up with a Substitute Word or Thought for it.

So when it comes to names and faces, why not take advantage of the fact that it’s the face we usually recognise?

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