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This brilliant website relies on its users to note down and report the names of unwanted calls but there is much enthusiasm for the task so its database bulges with thousands of numbers, giving you a good idea of who is trying to get through.Using the site, I was able to identify any missed calls that were from nuisance numbers and block them.It is hard for the ICO to bring about a prosecution – "it has to show that nuisance calls are causing substantial damage or substantial distress and it's a difficult one to prove," says Mitchison – and that explains why complaints about nuisance calls have been rising.

So what if you tell a company you don't want to hear from them again and you fear that they'll conveniently forget your request?

If the calls are coming through on your smartphone, then block them.

"If everybody abided by the legislation and used TPS correctly, nobody would have a problem," says Mitchison.

The number of people who live with you as members of your household determines how many bedrooms you need and the size of the accommodation you will qualify for under Local Housing Allowance rules.

Apple introduced a call-blocking function into the latest i OS 7 operating system, allowing millions of users to prevent annoying callers from touching base with them by simply opening a contact card and selecting Block Contact.

Android, on the other hand, has many different ways of blocking calls depending on the device being used but it also has a good number of effective apps such as Call Blocker, the majority of which are easy to operate.But it's not always possible to do this: automated nuisance calls which ask you to dial a 090 premium number cannot be reasoned with and it's never worth engaging with spam texts for fear of letting the sender know your number is legitimate, potentially paving the way for more.Automated calls can be reported at uk and spam texts can be forwarded to your mobile network operator using the number 7726.If they do not have any dependants then this means they get the 1 bedroom rate, unless they share facilities with other joint tenants in which case they get the shared accommodation rate of Local Housing Allowance.By couple we mean a man and a woman who are married or living together as if they are married, or two people of the same sex who are Civil Partners of each other or who are living together as if they were Civil Partners, and are members of the same household."Just about everyone has had a loan in their lives and these firms were targeting just about everyone in the UK," says John Mitchison, the head of the TPS, who describes thousands of call centre workers tearing pages from phone books, making calls and trying to get leads.

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