Not dating in your 20s

A guy can be great, but if he isn’t passionate or complicated, then you’re more likely to leave.

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Dating in your 30s: Everyone around you says you’re not rushing things enough.

People are more likely to ask if you want kids if you haven’t had any already.

If a guy says he likes a certain type of girl, you try to put on that façade, even if it’s not truly you. Dating in your 30s: You change men until you find one that likes you.

Because you’ve been there, and dating men who aren’t into you is overrated.

Life is pretty different when you’re comparing your 20s and 30s.

When you’re younger, you’re still trying to figure out how to navigate the world as an adult and determine what you want within that world and how to get it. Love to you means butterflies and showing your love any time you can.

You’re willing to invest money in finding a love that lasts, so you don’t begrudge paying out.

Doing so helps weed out a lot of weirdos, so it’s well worth the price. Baggage Dating in your 20s: You’re most likely dating people who have emotional baggage.

You’ve probably had bad sex with guys more than you’ve had good sex, but it’s all part of the learning experience.

Dating in your 30s: You know what you like and what you want. Dates Dating in your 20s: You’re trying to sniff out deals and do something affordable and fun.

They try to set you up with someone and think they’re helping, but it just adds a lot of unneeded pressure. Relationships with exes Dating in your 20s: You recycle your exes because you think they’ll change.

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