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By taking things offline sooner, we avoid being sucked in by someone's constrcution of themselves, and get straight to evaluating the real them. That's why it's best to keep thing platonic online when chatting to a potential date.

Try not to romanticise things early on; rather focus on your mutual interests and chat like you would with a new friend.

But should the possibiity of mild deception put us off dating online all together? Instead, I feel we should recognise the online dating platform for what it is - a great opportunity to meet new people outside of your typical social enviroment.

Wherever you meet, agree on a public space where you can get out safely if you feel uncomfortable...6) Have a way out - OK, let's be real. Sleazy, boring or just plain dodgy, sometimes you'll need to get outta there in a hurry.

That's why it's useful to have an 'appointment' after the meeting that only allows you a few hours with your date.

Maybe not, but you shouldn’t rule out any place where there is opportunity. Join a club in an area that interests you such as astronomy, public speaking, gardening, books, or whatever. Ask a stranger for help in shopping for your relative. Browse bookstores, libraries, and video stores in the sections that interest you. It is the perfect place to talk to new people because that’s what it’s all about!

Attend trade shows, conventions, specialty sales, and auctions for things that interest you. First know your employer’s dating policies and always use discretion.

First let’s review a few tips to make each of these ideas work.

You just may meet that someone special in the dairy isle! Conversation success tip: Be interested in others and ask lots of questions. The safest way to protect yourself against misinterpreation is to keep things short and sweet and focus on mutual likes rather than more emotive topics.3) Don't wait too long to suggest meeting up - Once you've introduced yourselves and chatted casually, don't wait too long to ask them out.You don't want an online conversation to go on for weeks and weeks, only to find you don't get on in real life. If you’ve always wanted to learn how to sail, then join a group and learn. What better way to meet someone that may be compatible with you? Attend art gallery and museum openings and functions. And don’t rule out groups just because you’ve never done it before. Also, there is always the possibility that they don't want to meet up at all. The potential romance of the situation is implied, since you met on a dating site.

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