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Along with that, Sri Sri Ayurveda also manufactures toothpastes, mouth freshners, eye drops, pain relief balms, and various herbal oils that can be used for treating several ailments.

Here’s a complete list of Sri Sri Ayurveda’s personal care products: Our country is also blessed with some extremely rare medicinal herbs that can work miracles on the human body.

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The company was founded on January 2, 1995 and is headquartered in Bangalore, India.

Patanjali Ayurveda started by Baba Ramdev and Balakrishnan has become one of the biggest success stories of Indian business in the world of FMCG.

That is what made the basic difference when both of them entered the market.

Further, Sri Sri Ayurveda has no match of Ramdev’s line of Packaged Food Products and Personal Care.

While the snacks are branded under the name Sri Sri, the beverages come under the sub-brand of Ojasvita.

There are some unique ayurveda-based beverages too such as aloe vera juice, karela jamun juice and a tulsi orange drink that feature on this list.

Though, it must be mentioned here that Sri Sri has given tough competition to Patanjali in the arena of body lotions as well as energizers. There is also no denying that they are making huge sums of money.

However, there is a basic difference between these ayurvedic firms and others. But, money is being used to sustain charity work undertaken by the mother foundation apart from running their spiritual campaigns.

It has threatened to destabilized big MNC players like Unilever, P&G and others.

It has also dented the market of Indian herbal companies like Zandu and Dabur.

Thankfully, Sri Sri Ayurveda has a massive catalog of food and beverage products that are not only tasty but also healthy.

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