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Fibro pulls my muscles I even get TOS in my jaw when does this end o REGON IS THE a SSISTED s UICIDE r IGHTS state ,if that ever comes true for me I want to sign up.

Look Pain Patients are expensive think of the money they save by getting us to kill ourselves (lost my best guy friend last week) Im a sad PTSD of what 10 years ago was a vital human being 2016/05/15 at am My CRPS was caused by a work related injury.

I eventually had 5 days of high dose Ketamine infusions which got me out of a wheelchair, able to bathe myself, and on better days get out and do things. Been praying that they overthrow the Judges decision and grant me Permanent Disability.

At this point in my journey with CRPS , I feel like a burden.

I’ve CRPS from my right foot all the way up to under my armpit, yes including my abdomen and side of my body. Then it is in my left shoulder down to my fingers thanks to my fall down the stairs.

Also thanks to surgery to remove my gallbladder and a drain it is also in my liver and inside my abdominal cavity.

My husband and I researched it on the internet, and now know what rsd is.

I been mentioning it all along before I even knew what my symptoms were.

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2016/08/02 at am I’m just glad that I’m not alone. My husband no longer thinks I’m crazy as the doctor who fine surgery on my left middle finger I’d note saying I’m showing a little rsd.

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