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Hauz Khas village is a historic habitation around the region of the Hauz Khas Complex, dating to much before establishment of South Delhi city.

She shares her weight loss journey from fat to fit.

Name: Neha Arora Highest weight recorded: 86 kg Weight lost: 24 kg The turning point: I had many responsibilities.

Mayfair Gardens is an independent small private colony inside Hauz Khas, neighboured by Padmini Enclave.

Hauz Khas has some of the largest green areas in Delhi, namely Deer Park and Rose Garden.

I was taking care of my mother and was also an earning member of my family.

I was obese and due to my busy schedule I was not getting time to take care of my body.Healthy eating and workout, they both go hand in hand. Lessons learnt from weight loss: Life becomes beautiful when you have a healthy body. Worship your body and you will get awesome results. The day she got a vision from her friend became the turning point of her life.She followed Rujuta Diwekar's interesting 'healthy' tips online and today Neha Arora managed to shed her weight.The village area started getting modernized in mid-1980s when designer boutiques of fashion designer like Bina Ramani, started moving in.

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