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Updated data is delivered and integrated with the RPR system.Despite the best efforts of RPR, BKFS and the counties, in some cases we display erroneous public records data.

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When data discrepancies surface in county-sourced public records data, they can be changed on RPR if the property owner first corrects the facts with the source of the public records data. Examples include flood zones, schools information and property boundaries.

We’ll come back to these data types later in this article.) First, it’s important to understand which data on RPR comes from public records, and which data is sourced from the MLS.

Highly flexible, Metro Scan’s lead generating solution allows title companies to rapidly access a wide range of property information.

Data is enhanced with full address correction and standardization in compliance with USPS CASS standards for bulk mail certification; ZIP codes and carrier routes are accurately assigned: By submitting this form I agree that Core Logic may contact me at the email address I provided for information about products, services or insights.

Because we receive our data from counties via BKFS, we need corrections to be made at the source—the county or township with the inaccurate information.

We understand that you and your client want these important corrections to be made efficiently and effectively, so we encourage property owners to contact their county to adjust these records.The frequency of the data updates depends on each county providing the information.Some counties work quickly, releasing data a few weeks after the data are recorded in the county office.Public records errors could include displaying outdated mortgage information, incorrect tax assessment data or the wrong number of bedrooms for the property, among other things.These discrepancies may impact the Estimated Home Value shown for the property.The data may have been wrong with the county for a long time, but surfacing it in an RPR report viewed by the homeowner brings it to light.

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