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Many of my peers proffer blustering hipness as a defense against those who might reject them. It’s a disease, really, and I think all architects have it to some extent.I am not into affecting disinterest; I want to build. I was rejected by two clients today, both after hard pushes, risking many hours and heavy effort to put my best foot forward: sketches, meetings, correspondence.

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You can write a play or novel, or build a 21st century yurt for yourself, but that thrill is unto itself: others have not validated your effort with their approval.

Performing your play, publishing your novel, having a gallery put on an exhibit, all bring your art into the world.

After declarations of how much they “loved” what I do, they said, “No thanks”and “It’s not you, it’s me.” Every rejection not only rejects me, but passes judgment on my body of work.

Potential clients have seen what I do, and did not want it.

Tiny by real standards, but I spend $0 on promotion and quickly respond when someone has heard of me (almost always via personal contact).

Others “pay for play,” buying exposure on HOUZZ, or paying for advertorial publishing in regional magazines.

Unrequited love is a uniquely asymmetric condition.

But love (as they say, and we all know too well), conquers all.

It’s not just being dumped that warps my perspectives.

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