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The US continues to produce bad statistics in the areas of criminal violation.

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The buyer should carefully review an inspector’s proposal to determine the scope of the inspection.

Some home inspectors may not inspect heating and cooling systems, the roof or other systems or components.

A real estate licensee is vital to the home buying process and can provide a variety of services in locating property, negotiating the sale and advising the buyer.

A real estate agent is generally not qualified to discover defects or evaluate the physical condition of property; however, a real estate agent can assist a buyer in finding qualified inspectors and provide the buyer with documents and other resources containing vital information about a prospective new home.

Greater than one in a hundred are reported to be behind bars as of the end of last year.

It goes without saying that things are far from ideal.

Additional information about inspections and inspectors is available from the Oregon Association of Home Inspectors at: org or the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors at

Inspection of property is beyond the scope of expertise of a real estate licensee, but real estate licensees can provide buyers with a list of local inspectors.

Unless otherwise provided for in the Sale Agreement, the cost of the inspection will not be refunded should you withdraw from the Agreement.

Back to Top Pest and Dry Rot Inspection Pest and dry rot inspections are done in many residential real estate transactions and may be required by the lender.

With this scenario, it’s reasonable to assume that we are bound to cross path with undesirable elements in the course of our daily life.

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